Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aaaaannnd We're Back

after months of being MIA, i'm back. i know that i still have a few followers, and hopefully y'all will find your way back here, along with new followers as well. 

as you can see by looking around the place, i'm starting over. fresh, clean, anew.

it doesn't matter what was or wasn't written here before, what matters is what is written from here on out.

i am now a mother. a mother to a beautiful baby girl.

this is baby butterbean. (and her new little friend, simba)

she was born january 15, 2010 at 10:35 am. she arrived via scheduled c-section. she is my pride and joy.

the past six months have definitely been different. no amount of advice, research or training can prepare you for parenthood. it's a live and learn sort of thing. and you are never prepared for how quickly they grow. it seems like she was born just yesterday, and now she's already a solid food eating, independent sitting, backward crawling, one tooth sporting baby girl. and it breaks my heart more and more every day. 

the one thing that newly expecting parents don't understand is that *every* aspect of your life changes. not only do you become a parent, and you have a teeny tiny person to care for 24/7, but things that aren't even related to the baby change. for one, you change. you will never be the same. you become a completely different person within a matter of minutes. 

your hopes and dreams change. granted, you will still hang on to some of your old ones (like my dream of traveling all around the world!), but for the most part, you have completely new ones. 

your relationship with your partner changes. you will either grow much closer, or you will grow apart. i have to admit, in the beginning, a little bit of distance sat in between the hubby and i. thankfully, we recognized it, and started working on it immediately. now we are closer than we were before baby butterbean arrived. 

your relationship with your friends change. i have definitely grown apart from some of my friends who don't have children. but i've also grown closer to some friends, and i've even made new ones. 

i think the strangest thing to me is how your body changes. i can't quite explain that one, but anyone that has had a baby knows what i'm talking about. and i'm not just talking about weight, i'm talking about how your body works. it's just..... different.

anyway, enough about all of that. i just wanted to let y'all know that i'm still here. i was gone for awhile, but now i'm back. i don't want to make this strictly a baby blog, but i have to warn you that i will probably be writing about baby butterbean a lot. i'm hoping to make this bigger and better than it was before. i'd like to do giveaways, have guest bloggers, and maybe even do a review or two. 

i can't promise a post every day, but i'll post as much as possible. the life of a mother is very busy you know!

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