Monday, July 26, 2010

it's almost time to call the pros

dear internet,
you're still on strike. everytime i try to log on you give me the stinkeye. i thought we had a better relationship than this.

I thought after all of the massages, snuggles and kisses, that'd we moved on to the next level. but, i guess i read the signals all wrong. story of my life.

listen, i've got readers that *need* me to post something! this is really cramping my style!!

what do i need to do? do i need to bring someone in to join us?? a repair guy? an IT guy? Or, would you rather it be a girl? i'll do anything to make things work between us.

please just tell me what to do. the connection sucks on this stupid phone and i'm really having trouble posting things from it.

i love you internet. let's make this better. hope to hear from you soon.

love ya babe,


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1 comment:

B said...

story of my life, too.

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