Saturday, July 24, 2010

it takes commitment yo

my internet is dead. it's gone on to the big provider in the sky. for now at least. i've got my best tech guys (ie: me, myself and i) on the job, so we should be surfing the big intro-net waves pretty soon.

anyvajazzle, just wanted to drop in and post something from my phone to let y'all know that i'm still planning on getting back into the swing of things. i'm still trying to figure this whole blogging from the iphone thing, so it's not gonna be pretty. but at least y'all know that i'm commited to our blogger/reader relationship, right?i refuse to be a deadbeat dad and walk out on my baby mommas in their times of need.

wait, what? nevermind. hopefully i can blow some life back into my ol' aircard and keep it kicking for awhile! i promise i've still got that whole "first six months of baby butterbean's life" post coming up. just give me enough time to control the emotional waterworks.

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1 comment:

B said...

I love blogging from my phone. In A's early days, that's the only way I could find time!!!

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