Sunday, July 11, 2010

it's ok to confess

1. it's ok that i spend lazy weekends in sweats

he can hang out in sweats with me any day!

2. it's ok to admit that i actually *liked* twilight saga (the books and the movies)

secret addiction

3. it's also ok to admit that if the next twilight movie doesn't come out soon, i may have an aneurysm

need my edward fix

4. it's ok i think my kid is the cutest baby ever. like ever, ever. since the dawn of time

i die from the cuteness

5. it's ok that i didn't cry during dear john. there are plenty of other movies that i've bawled over

what's the big friggin deal??

6. it's ok that i started the 30 day shred and then took a "break," i will start again soon

jillian michaels you make me sick. i mean i actually get nauseous after i work out with you 

7. it's ok that some nights i'd rather have takeout than cook

it's just so much easier

8. it's ok that i don't get the whole jersey shore thing

you're all just a bunch of orange airheads 

9. it's ok that i watch reruns of the office *everyday*

seriously dude, funny funny shiz

10. it's ok to want just one night a week to hang out with the girls, no baby, no hubby, it doesn't make me a bad mom/wife

get your own, i ordered *all* or these for me!

i'm ok with my confessions, are you??

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