Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Little Update

no, i haven't stopped blogging (again!). my internet has been quite the asshole lately and hasn't been loading blogger, so i haven't been able to blog. it's not my fault this time!

anyvajazzle, just wanted to drop in and say hey *waves hi* and let y'all know we'll be back to our regular scheduled blogging starting tomorrow. baby butterbean turned 6 months last thursday, so you know i've got one sappy post on the way!

in the mean time, you guys should check these sites out:


i just came across these little gems a couple of weeks ago and i think they're ah-maz-ing!!

check 'em out, join and spread the word!!

and tune in tomorrow for the post in which i bawl my eyes out and deny the fact that my little baby girl is growing up!


B said...

I hate when my internet goes rogue on me like that...glad to see you back!

Have I mentioned how much I love your layout lately?? How did I get one as badass as this?

mylittlebecky said...

you want me to punch internet in the face? i will.

Butterbean said...

B ~ there's a little icon over there ----> at the bottom that says "blog lust." she designed my blog and has *extremely* good prices!!

Becky ~ yes please. this is why i keep you around. to handle my lightweights.

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