Sunday, August 1, 2010

25 before 25

i will officially become old on november 8th. i will be the dreaded 25.

i'm not sure why i hate this so much, but i'm dreading it as much as a fat kid dreads dodgeball day in p.e.

i know that 25 isn't old. i know that i've got plenty of life left to live, but something in my brain says "that's it, it's all downhill from here!"

so, in order to get my mind off of it, i've decided to make a list of 25 things i want to do before i turn 25. i have a 101 in 1001 list that's in the works, but we'll just call this a trial run, ok? anyway, here's my list:

25 before 25
1. see at least 3 musicals
2. go to brunch at least once a month
june - check
july - check
3. get a massage
4. get a brazillian (ouch)
5. spend a weekend in dallas
6. ride sassy (my untrained horse!) (*editor's note -  when i first wrote this post, for some reason i wrote "tide dassy" i have no idea what the hell that even means! in my excuse, it was late at night and i was blogging from my phone!)
7. buy fresh flowers 1 time a week for at least a month
8. attend a zumba class
9. learn to put on false eyelashes
10. wear false eyelashes for a day
11. wear a dress and high heels out to a club (can y'all believe I've never done this!?)
12. get properly fitted for a bra
13. buy a great bra
14. eat dinner in a resturant alone
15. have professional pics taken of baby butterbean
16. have a professional family picture taken
17. read one book a month
june - twilight (I never said they had to be classics!)
july - eclipse and breaking dawn
18. quit drinking sodas for at least one whole month - finished! may 17th - june 17th and still haven't started drinking them again!
19. spend a whole day in downtown austin
20. watch the bats on congress bridge
21. go to the coast for the weekend
22. visit luckenbach and have a beer
23. get a facial
24. take a cooking class
25. go rock wall climbing

i think i've gotten off to a pretty good start. so what about y'all? anything you want to do before your next birthday?

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Cara said...

I know how you feel, it was a *ahem* few years ago, but I found turning 25 worse than 30. It was like I was on a slippery slope to actually having to be adult like!
Good luck with your list.

yesthatislovely said...

I had a mini-breakdown when I turned 25, however I turn 30 next May and I'm actually looking forward to it. Because then I can tell people, "I'm 30, piss off, I'll do what I want."

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