Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ain't no follow back girl

let's talk about interwebs etiquette, shall we?

we all know that it's polite to follow the people who follow you, right? whether it's on your blog or your twitter, it's just the right thing to do, right?

but what if you don't necessarily want to follow a certain person? maybe you don't have an interest in their certain type of blog or maybe they don't have any original tweets (meaning all they do is retweet things), so you just don't want to follow them? it's nothing personal, you just don't want to.

why is this a bad thing? no offense to anyone, but if i don't like what someone has to say, i don't read it. for instance, there are some fashion blogs that i love, and there are some that i don't, should i follow ones that i don't like just because they (hypothetically) follow me? should i follow someone on twitter, even if i don't like reading their tweets, just because they follow me?

now, don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings here, and just because i don't follow you now doesn't mean that i don't want to, i'm just not the greatest at following people back in a timely fashion. i'm a busy girl dammit. anyvajazzle, i follow a lot of people on twitter, and i follow quite a few blogs, but not all of them follow me back. and sometimes, i'll @ the one's that do follow me back, and i don't get a reply. that, to me, is worse that them not following me back! why follow someone if you're not going to interact with them? unless, of course, it's a celeb or magazine, that i can understand. 

this is my solution, enough with the politeness, just follow the one's that you find interesting and original. and, if someone doesn't put you in their category of interesting and original, just shake it off. you aren't their cup of tea, but there are plenty of others who love what you have to say!

pee ess: there's a surprise going on over here tomorrow, so definitely come see what it is!!


Melly said...

I must confess, I actually stopped following someone on Twitter because all she talked about was giveaways, babies and retweets. I don't mind a giveaway once in a while but some people have them all the time and a lot of people like them but I'm not a winner, lol, so I don't care as much. Plus, I want to read about what's going on. Not read about a product you've reviewed and are now giving away to that "one lucky reader".

**End rant**

Liz said...

Ahh I clicked follow before I read this!

My thoughts:
When someone follows me I visit their site with the plan of following them pack, just out of respect. Very few times do I not follow them, either because they run a personal blog with family pics and that would be creepy, or a few I couldn't handle the design of the blog, it was too confusing!
I also comment back when someone comments me, just to build that community. I think I'm getting to a point where I have to scale back on my following but that would probably affect big blogs first, ones that I don't feel need my support and don't even know I exist!

Butterbean said...

melly - just as long as you don't unfollow me. that would hurt because i heart your face so much! x's and o's

liz - to each his own, i think this post comes off a little rude, so let me clarify. i mostly meant twitter, although it's happened to me on certain blogs before also. i think my main thing is this, my reader and twitter feed were swamped because i followed almost everyone who followed me. it was hectic, so i scaled back. then i got a pretty strongly worded email from someone wanting to know why i had stopped following them. it wasn't anything personal, it was just that i didn't read their blog/twitter, so, in my opinion it wasn't necessary for me to follow them. i love my followers, and of course i would love to have more followers, but i don't want them to follow me just because they feel obligated. hope that clears it up, thanks for commenting, and i absolutely love your blog!

Erica said...

"anyvajazzle" is my new favorite word! And I'm totally with you... why follow people if you're not going to interact with them? I can see following someone's blog and not always commenting, but why follow them on Twitter if you don't interact? People are weird!

~KS said...

Well said... I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately.

And speaking of... I updated my blog recently and am FINALLY getting it cleaned up and organized. I added you to my blogroll... cuz I DO love reading what you have to say :)

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