Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dropping Love Bombs

remember when i told y'all about drop a love bomb?

well, some other bloggers and i have teamed up with lauren from drop a love bomb to kind of further spread the word about the project. here's the way it works: every thursday we get a new "assignment," basically, what that means is there's someone who needs love, encouragement, cheering up, etc., and we "drop a love bomb" in the form of a comment on their blog. today's assignment is one that i can definitely relate to.

bria is a 22 year old who has been struggling with severe clinical depression and anxiety. she checked herself into the hospital back in june looking to get help. she was put on medication, and for awhile, things were starting to look up. but, in her words, she eventually relapsed, and is now suicidal.

i have been in her shoes before, and it breaks my heart to see someone who thinks they have nothing left to live for.

i know that words are just words, but even words from a stranger can help tremendously.

in the words of lauren, "written encouragement and love have such incredible power in times like these."

i'm hoping that all of my followers will join us in trying to bring some light back into bria's life. i know that it helped me to hear kind words when i was in her position, and i'm hoping that she'll feel the love that we're sending her way.

let's drop a love bomb on bria!

you can comment on her blog here:

pee ess - you can also find me guest posting over here today!


Miss Wendy said...

It's really amazing just how many people out there suffer from anxiety, especially since when you yourself suffer from it it makes you feel completely alone. I know what it's like, and as horrible as it is to see other people out there who struggle too, it's reassuring in a way to know I'm not alone :)

Butterbean said...

it's definitely better to have people to talk to about it! hopefully we were able to make a difference with bria!

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