Thursday, August 19, 2010

dropping love bombs

hey folks, it's that time again, time to drop a love bomb on someone!

what's that? you still haven't joined the drop a love bomb team?? why not? ok, ok, now's your chance to do it. i'll wait, you run over and join, and then come back here and i'll tell you about today's mission.
::whistles and taps foot along with imaginary hold music::

alright, welcome back! now, on to today's "bombee." today we're dropping a love bomb on katie. she was suggested by one of our own team members, amy. here's her story:
katie has already lost her brother and brother-in-law, and has just found out that her father likely has pancreatic cancer, and it's serious. he's recently had a procedure, and they should have the test results back by wednesday. and, in amy's words, katie is beyond devastated. 
she's very close to her father, and talks a little bit about who he is to her on her blog:

"I do not know what I would do without my Dad.  What he adds to my life is not replaceable. He is always the voice of reason, the giver of wise advice and the preventer of near disasters.  Really.  For a lot of people, he is their rock."
i'm very close to my dad, and i cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like if he were seriously ill, and to lose my brother would completely break me.
katie has been through so much, and she really needs to know that someone is there for her. like i've said before, words are just that, words, but they can help tremendously, even from complete strangers.
so join us in bringing some love to katie. she really needs it.
you can comment on her blog here:

let's drop a love bomb on katie!

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