Thursday, August 26, 2010

dropping love bombs

hey guys! guess what? it's that time again!

time to drop a love bomb on someone!

i'm writing this from my email on my phone, so i'm just going to let lauren tell y'all about today's mission. thanks for joining in, and if you want to join the drop a love bomb team, there's a link over on the side of my page.

today's mission is a touching one, and i really hope we can bring some love into this girl's life! so, without further ado, here's the message from lauren:

Hey Love Bomb family!

We are dropping today's Love Bomb on a 17 year old girl named Rachel.

She lost her dad and ever since has dealt with eating disorders, and is struggling through life without him. Her mom avoids serious conversations with her and she is afraid to get help. She's in counseling, which is wonderful - but we all know how irreplaceable personal words of encouragement are.

In one of her recent posts, she bullet-pointed a list of things she had to show for nearly being 18:

- I drink too much
- I have social anxiety
- I'm failing school
- I'm ugly
- I'm fat
- I can't even get the courage to meet my own sister
- I lack the energy to even fake happiness
- I have recurring thoughts of self-harm
- I keep relapsing into "disordered eating behaviours"

In her last post, the one we'll be commenting on, she ends with,

"What I need is some inspiration. I need someone I admire to tell me every thing's going to be alright. That they believe in me. That I'm not the fat failure I think I am. - unfortunately I can't see that happening any time before it's too late, if it's not already too late."

Alright guys. You know what to do. We ARE Rachel's inspiration, encouragement, love, and support. It's time to tell her how beautiful and valuable she is. I want to blow her away.

To comment on her blog, go here:

Time to drop a Love Bomb, friends!


let's make this happen y'all. i know that we can give rachel the love she needs.

let's drop a love bomb

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