Monday, August 2, 2010


so, everyone knows from this post that i'm all about getting involved and helping and influencing others.

what? you didn't know that? well, i do.

i've always felt like i wasn't doing enough with my life (i still do!) so i try to get involved in as many ways as possible (this is my excuse for having so many animals!) and i want to set a good example for baby butterbean and teach her to make a difference in the world.

anyway, i love the idea behind it starts with us, and now, they've decided to go even bigger. they've hijacked something.

i know, badass, right!?

you may or may not have heard about fast company's the influence project, (it doesn't really matter now that it's been taken over). it's basically a "let's see who's the best at doing good" sort of thing. a popularity contest, if you will.

well, apparently, that doesn't sit well with some folks (me included!). what's the point in making it a contest?? why can't we all work together to change the world and help others?? instead of doing good to win some sort of title, why can't we do good just for the sake of doing it? no rewards, no congratulations, no big to-dos, just the gratification of knowing that you did something. so, it starts with us took it over.

as soon as i heard about this "hijacking," i knew i wanted in! and, i figured since you guys are so amazing, that y'all might want in too! here's the deal: this is the link to where you can get all of the information. it's all going down next week, but you definitely wanna get in now! click the link, sign up (it's not a big process, just enter your name and email) and then you'll get directions in your inbox to what's happening next.

this is big y'all and i'm *really* excited to be a part of this. i know that if we all work together, we can make a big difference!

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