Friday, August 6, 2010

what a waste

y'all, there's a major problem happening here at the butterbean house.

we are wasters.

well, mostly the hubby, but i'm guilty of it too. and i'm not talking about using one too many paper towels, i'm talking about *everything*!! for instance, there have been times when i have taken food out of the freezer to cook for dinner that evening, then the hubby works late, or decides he wants hot wings instead. so the pork chops that were defrosting get thrown away. literally ten bucks, right in the trash.

and food isn't the only thing. a new roll of paper towels gets put out about every other day, we use around 27 wipes when changing baby butterbean's diaper, and i've even been guilty of washing a load of laundry twice because i left it in the washer too long after the first cycle!

we are a contradiction. we buy local organic food, we only use the car when we have to, and we keep the a/c set at 78 during the day. but it's all pretty much cancelled out by our wastefulness. like i said, i'm guilty of it too, but the hubby is definitely the worse. take last night, for example. i asked him to get me a small glass of tea, and he comes back with a 20 oz glass that's so full, it's nearly overflowing! for heaven's sake, i was already in bed, why the hell would i need *that* much sweet tea right before bed!? so he says "drink however much you want, and i'll finish the rest." the glass was half full on his nightstand this morning.

so, i've decided to change this. i'm making a resolution to use less. we're going to start recycling, eating out *much* less, and i'm going to start changing the laundry as soon as it's done. we've got to reduce our footprint because seriously, it's like we're wearing size 16 shoes right now.

what do you guys think? have any tips for us? what's *your* carbon footprint like??

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Melly said...

The hubby & I recycle cans, bottles, cardboard and paper. It cuts down on the amount of garbage by a lot.

I sometimes waste food but I have a hard measuring how much to cook for two people, but I'm getting better.

Little Momma said...

I don't have any tips, but I'm guilty of everything you mentioned.We are in an awkward position right now (living in a hotel while we wait for base housing, which means eating out basically every meal... but I really have to crack down once we get settled.

mylittlebecky said...

i am stuck on the whole you throw away defrosted food? can't you just chuck it in the fridge? anywho, i always get embarrassed when i clean out the fridge and there's like stuff i'd forgotten about. damn sneaky fridge.

Butterbean said...

sorry i'm so late on the responses!!

melly - we're starting to recycle more, but the hubby is having a hard time getting used to it!

little momma - girl, i know *all* about living in a hotel!! we relocated to alabama a few years ago and it took us a month to find a house! i gained 5 pounds eating take out that month!

becky - yes judgy mcjudgerson, i throw it out, in my head it's bad and if i put it back in the fridge it may get too cold and then it can make you sick. in related news, i'm a crazy person. and i sometimes find moldy leftovers in the back of the fridge. ew, wait, no i don't. ok, fine, i do. STOP JUDGING ME!

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