Friday, September 3, 2010

dropping love bombs

you can also check me out over here today!

first off, i need to apologize for this post being late. i normally get my drop a love bomb post up first thing thursday morning, but yesterday was hectic! my niece is here visiting (i've *definitely* got a post coming up about that!), i had to get baby butterbean to the doctor for an impromptu visit, then there was a root canal directly after lunch for me, and to top it all off, the three valium i took before the dentist appointment didn't kick in until afterward, so i spent most of the rest of the afternoon drooling in my grandmother's living room floor. needless to say, i was in no condition to write a post! but, it's not to late to get those love bombs dropped, so here's this week's mission!

normally we drop a love bomb on just one person, but this week we're shaking things up a bit. we're dropping a love bomb on the *entire chicago fire department*!!

Chris Wheatley, one of their firefighters, died in the line of duty on august 9th.

this mission is going to work out to be two-fold:

1) to encourage, support and comfort the chicago fire department as they've lost a brother in duty.

2) to thank the chicago fire department for serving their community so faithfully.

y'all know that i'm also involved with the organization itstartswithus and their mission this week is to help out a service worker. well every once and awhile, they team up to help drop a love bomb, so this week we're joining them!

it seems like every week the mission hits me personally in some way, and this week's mission is no different. my husband was a firefighter for eight years. i have witnessed first hand the brotherhood that exsists in these departments. these guys (and girls!) are family, and when one dies in the line of duty, it's just like losing a very close family member.

i fully believe that firemen are unsung heroes. they risk their lives daily and normally don't get a single thanks. and most of the time the pay is a joke, but they still do the work, mainly because they love it.

but now is our time to give them something back. every single member of the department is hurting after losing their brother. let's step up and make sure they know how much we appreciate what they do, and bring them the comfort they need.

let's drop a love bomb y'all!

you can leave a comment on the chicago fire department's blog here:


B said...

You rock for posting these - it always reminds me to drop my love bomb :)

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