Wednesday, September 8, 2010

how stylish

yesterday, after thinking about it for a long while, i bought a pair of aviators. i made sure they were the perfect pair. they fit just right and complimented the shape of my face. then, after showing them to the hubby, i immediately regretted buying them. he kept asking me for my license and registration. asshole.

after asking why he didn't like them, he said that it just didn't look like something i'd wear.

so, today, while doing a little online "research," i found these beauties on sale (ya know, since it's fall everywhere else in this country, but i can still wear them here in hotashell, texas)

and these:

i figured i could pair them with a tank and a wrap of some sort, and make them look a little more autumn-ish. so, i forwarded them to my mom, asking her opinion, (why?? i have no idea, we normally don't agree on clothing styles) and she sent a text back asking if i was joking. when i told her that no, in fact, i was not joking, she replied that they didn't look like something i'd wear.

now, here's the thing, i grew up wearing jeans and cowboy boots. honestly, i still do. i currently own at least 4 pairs of cowboy boots that i can think of, so i guess this is how my family thinks i should dress. but i'm so tired of the same ol' thing. i guess you could say that i'm wanting to redefine my style. there are so many different things that I'd like to try, but i'm worried that it won't look right, simply because i've put myself into a certain style category. i'm stuck in a rut y'all. i'm so excited about the new fall fashion that's hitting stores, but do i have the guts to try it out?

what do y'all think? how do you define your style? do you ever feel like completely reinventing it?


Melly said...

Wear what you wanna wear!

Miss Wendy said...

I always feel like completely reinventing my style, so I do. Luckily since about junior high I got into the mindset that I was going to wear whatever the hell I please, and that's what I did. I have friends that tell me I have a very distinct, or weird, or out there, or awesome, style. I feel like I can wear most things and pull of things simply because I pretend that I can. No one expects much other then weirdness out of me, so it works well.

It's never too late to change it up, then change it again, and so on and so on. Once you get started soon everyone we'll think of you as being the girl that can do anything.

B said...

Do it! I feel like every two to three years I reinvent my style, and isn't that the fun of fashion?

For the record, I could totally see you in all three of those things. I haven't actually ever seen you in cowboy boots :P So maybe you already have reinvented a bit...

Alicia said...

here's the thing...having style doesn't mean its just one style!! wear whatever the heck you want to wear girlie! for me, my outfit normally matches my mood...every day is different! branch out and try new i say just do it!!

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