Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Years

May We Never Forget

Nine years ago today I was a 15 year old in my second year of high school. I remember it like it was yesterday. The confusion, the worry, the fear, and then the anger and hate that followed.

I also remember how united everyone was after that. We were Americans, and we would stand together.

There has not been another September 11th that has passed without many tears being shed. I did not know a single person who died that day, but I still cry every year.

When I awoke this morning it was dreary and gray, as if the skies would also cry for those we lost. As I fed my beautiful baby daughter, I realized how much things have changed. And how certain things never will. I said a prayer for the ones we lost, as well as their families, and I thanked God for everything I've been blessed with.

I wonder how I would teach her about what happened that day. How can I explain something so horrible to someone so pure? My heart aches for her because I know how ugly the world can be. I wish that I could change the world and make sure nothing like that ever happened again, so she would never know what we all felt like that day. But the best I can do is hope for peace, and hope that her generation can change what we cannot.

United we stand, may we never forget.

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~KS said...

So well said... I will never ever forget.

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