Wednesday, September 22, 2010

we in tha nola, babeh

yes, I did just quote the real world. sorry about that. anyway, I know I haven't been around much, sorry about that, I'll make it up to y'all! I've got a review and an award post that I really need to get posted, but for now, just a quick note.

my 25th birthday is coming up (eek!) in November, and I'm really wanting to go all out. so, I decided that I would make the trip to New Orleans and have a celebratory weekend with Miss Kora Bruce!! but, to make it even better, I figured we'd make it a blogger/tweetup!! I don't know how many of y'all live down south, but if you do, and you'd like to join us, the plans are in the works!

it'll be the first weekend in November (5th-7th). i'm looking at hotels now, and everything is somewhat up in the air, but if any of y'all are interested, let me know! hopefully we can make this *huge*!!


Melly said...

I'm v. far from NOLA, otherwise I would go. :)

B said...

My baby won't let me be gone for more than a few hours, or I'd go! Lord knows I need a vacation like never before!!!

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