Wednesday, September 1, 2010

who wrote this crap anyhow!?

yesterday baby butterbean and i headed into the big city to do some shopping.

after spending about three hours shopping for teeny tiny baby clothes, we moved on to momma's stores.

on a side, though related note, here's a little confession: i absolutely cannot pass up a good deal.

ok, back to the point.

so we hit up one store that is notorious for having ah-mazing sales, and after sifting through the sales racks, i headed off to the fitting room with a sleeping baby in tow and a heap of clothes in my arms. and this is where we ran into a problem. i found a *really* cute pair of capris. they were the only pair left, they fit me perfectly, and they were EIGHT BUCKS!! now, you're probably wondering, what's the problem, right?

the problem is, they're white. like, white, white. like, white, white, white. you get it, right? i'm sure that's why they were so cheap.

so what's a girl to do? i turned to my very trusted best friend. twitter.

i asked twitter if white pants after labor day was a yay or nay. and they answered. loud and clear. nope.

but here's the problem y'all. i live in texas. pretty much central texas, aka, the devil's crotch. it's damned hot 'round these parts, and it stays hot well into october, and sometimes even november, so all of the fall fashion rules pretty much suck. in fact, i'm willing to bet my left arm that whoever came up with these unwritten rules, wasn't from bfe, texas.

now, i'm all for being fashionable, but i just don't see why it's expected that everyone should have to follow these rules at all times. it's just not friggin fair y'all! i totally get why people start to dress differently on the first day of autumn in new york city, because the weather changes! but here, where we have two seasons, (hot and hotter) i just can't justify following these stupid rules. why the hell can't i wear white in the fall and winter? why can't I wear black shoes and a brown shirt? why does my purse have to match my shoes?? why, why, why!? why can't we just wear what looks good on us??

i suggest that whoever says these are good rules should come and spend one humify filled weekend in late august here in texas. cause seriously, there's no way they'd last.

so what about y'all? what fashion rules or you follow/break? what should i have done about the white pants?

btw, i may only be rockin 'em for the next few days, but i bought the capris!


B said...

Doooooo it. Wear them. If Labor Day moved based upon the weather, it'd be the first weekend in December here. You've got time!

Melly said...

Listen, that whole "no white after Labour Day" thing is a crock of shit. Wear what you want, when you want and if someone doesn't like it, tell them to sit on it and rotate.

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