Wednesday, October 20, 2010

feed your skin

you guys, this review is long, long, long overdo!

a little over a month ago (i know!) i received a few samples from rachel over at soapwalla kitchen, and i have yet to write a review. i'm a bad, bad blogger.

anyway, let's get to it, shall we?

i am in love. 

seriously y'all, this stuff is amazing! with extra zing! amazingzing! 

i was sent two soap bars and and the luxurious body oil.

lemme tell ya, the soap bars smell good enough to eat!! she sent me the citrus grove, and the shea butter tangerine and clay. now, let me start by saying, i wash my hands a lot, like a lot, a lot. enough that i have wintery dry hands all year long. so, i'm constantly searching for something that gets my hands clean while keeping them soft and smelling good also. and i have found what i've been searching for! i started out with the citrus grove bar. i put it in our kitchen next to the sink and hid our normal pump soap, because i wanted the hubby to try it. my plan worked. he came in from work that night and went straight to the sink to wash his hands.

"babe, where's the soap?" he hollered

"in the dish next to the drain rack!" i hollered back

a few minutes later he came into the bathroom where i was bathing baby butterbean and wanted to know why i'd replaced the soap. i told him i was looking for something different than what we normally used, and i asked him if he liked it. to which he replied "i love it!" this, my friends, is not normal. he normally doesn't get excited over soap. but, this tiny bar of soap had taken all of the day's grime off of his hands, and left them smelling wonderful and feeling extremely soft! after we (quickly) used up the citrus grove bar, i put out the shea butter tangerine and clay bar, and we loved it just as much, although i think this one made our skin even softer than the citrus grove. 

the soaps get an a+ in the butterbean's household!

the other thing that rachel sent was the luxurious moisturizing body oil. after i got baby butterbean to bed that night, i ran a hot bath and soaked for a bit. afterward i put the body oil on. the smell was delicious, and a little dab goes a long way! the hubby could smell it in the bedroom as i was putting it on! it's definitely moisturizing, although it does leave a bit of a greasy feel afterward, but i have yet to come across a body oil that doesn't, and it doesn't feel that way for long. 

overall, i'm really impressed with the soapwalla line. rachel has excellent customer service skills (she emailed me to see if i had any questions!) and the products are great! the body oil is gentle enough to use on babies and it's vegan and organic! i simply cannot say anything but good things about soapwalla kitchen!

head on over to her etsy shop and then check her out on the twit and give her a shout.

now, i'm off to her shop to pick up a few christmas gifts. oh, come on, who am i kidding, y'all know i'm shopping for myself!


mylittlebecky said...

i kept thinking you were saying "soup." and really, that doesn't make sense. then i realized you were saying *soap.* boy, do i feel silly. i want soap.

soapwallakitchen said...

Thanks for such a wonderful review! I'm so happy you and the hubby enjoyed your Soapwalla products :-)
Rachel, Soapwalla Chef

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