Thursday, October 21, 2010

mother may i never: day six

day six: something you hope you never have to do

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who came up with these prompts? was it their intention to make the blogger scratch their head a million times wondering "hmmm, how can i answer this one?" because if so, mission accomplished asshats!

ok, lemme see.... something that i hope i never have to do....

ok, this is completely 100% unrealistic, but, i hope that i never have to mend a broken heart for my daughter.

i know that she will grow up, and realize that the world can be a rough place. she will get hurt many times. by friends, by boys, by family, even by complete strangers. and i know i will be there for her to lean on. but, as unrealistic as it is, i really hope this never happens. i've felt the pain of a broken heart before, and i hope that she never has to go through that. i hope that her heart will never have the scars that mine has. i hope that she will never know what it's like to have a best friend stab you in the back, or what it's like to be stood up, or what it's like to be made fun of.

i hope i never see her eyes filled with tears of hurt or worry, only tears of joy.

what do you hope you never have to do in life?

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