Wednesday, October 20, 2010

on the fifth day of truths

day five: something you hope to do in your life

for all of my truths go here

there are tons of things i want to do in life. i really don't feel like i've lived yet.

i want to travel. a lot. like, fill up my passport kind of traveling. i want to visit new york and stay for more than a month. i want to ride horses in wyoming. i want to surf in australia. 

i want to weed out all of the unhealthy things i put into my body. i want to start eating more fresh foods and less prepackaged processed foods. i want to lower my cholesterol. i want to get down to, and maintain a healthy weight. i want to teach my daughter the importance of being healthy by being an example of what healthy looks like.

i want to define myself. and then reinvent myself. and then do it again. i want to find my style.

i want to be comfortable in my skin. 

i want to raise my daughter to be a beautiful person, both inside and out. i want to teach her to be caring and compassionate. to see the beauty in every day life. to believe in miracles and the power of prayer. to love unconditionally.

i feel like all of these are possible. i can do each and every one of these things.

but, the one thing i hope to do, and wonder if i will, is make a difference. i don't care how i do it, but i can't help but feel like part of my purpose here in this world is to make a difference. the reason that i wonder if it's possible is because i haven't the slightest clue how i plan on doing this. but, i'm only a quarter of a way through my life, i think i've got plenty of time to figure this one out.

what about y'all? what's the ultimate thing on your bucket list?


Melissa (A Gracious Calm) said...

Ooo that's a good truth.

erin said...

I really want to travel more too. We only take one or two trips a year and every time I go apeshit nuts trying to get everything ready to go.

I think if we went more often it would get easier.

B said...

I want to get married. HAHAHA

Butterbean said...

melly melly dee - right!? pee ess? this is now your name from here on out!

erin - why is traveling such a bitch? maybe it would be easier if we left the kids with our significant others and went on vacation all on our own. is that frowned upon??

b - i thought you were doing the celibate lesbian thing?? hahaha

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