Friday, October 22, 2010

she makes it worth it: day seven of the truths

day seven: someone who has made your life worth living for

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i could say that my daughter has made my life worth living, and yes, that is very true, we all know that. i could also say that my husband has made my life worth living, and we know that would also be very true. 

everyone knows that i love my little family more than anything. they are my inspiration, my reason for being.

but, what most of you don't know about me is that i have a sister. her name is charla and she has down syndrome. she means the world to me. she's the most beautiful and caring person that i have ever known. and she has made my life worth living for.

most people think that it would be a tragedy to have disabilities. charla doesn't know that she's any different than everyone else. she sees the world through permanent rose colored glasses, and she thinks that everyone else does also. she never meets a stranger and is kind to everyone. i only wish i could be like her.

we all complain about our daily lives. things that we must do, although we wish we didn't have to. we bitch about things that we either cannot change, or things that we're too lazy to change. most of us don't see the beauty in our every day lives, and we never have time to stop and smell the roses. we think that we have been dealt such a bad hand in life. but truth be told, most of us have far more blessings than others around us.

my sister has brought many good things into my life. she's taught me to slow down, to take the time to see the wonders around me. she's taught me to dance crazy, even though people are staring. she's taught me to find the bliss in the simple things. she's taught me to always have dessert with your dinner. she's taught me to be a better person.

i don't look at charla as having disabilities, as other people may. after seeing the world through her eyes, i've come to realize that we're the ones with the disabilities.

Charla and I (yes, this is my personal debut on my blog, don't hate, it's a bad pic!)

we all know that october is breast cancer awareness month, but it's also down syndrome awareness and acceptance month. this sunday i will be participating in what's called a buddy walk to benefit down syndrome awareness. i hope that one day, everyone will be as blessed as i am to know someone as beautiful as my sister. 

if you'd like more information on getting involved with the national down syndrome society, you find visit there website here


mylifewrite said...

I don't know what the heck is going on, but I am finding some really heartfelt posts on blogs today.

Great post and OMG, that's you!! I see you!

I had no idea that this was also Down Syndrome Awareness month, as well. And for my lil tribute to you and Charla, I will fondly remember the kind, wonderful classmates I worked with in high school in our Down Syndrome class. I participated in a program that allowed me to work in their classroom for a couple weeks and had an amazing experience with them!

ChristineMarie_ on Twitter

Katie said...

Your sister sounds amazing :)

~KS said...

I don't think it's a bad pic at all... I think you're beautiful :)

Butterbean said...

christinemarie - i didn't know you were a blogger! i guess i should start reading people's bios on twitter, huh?

katie - she's truly amazing!

ks - aw! thanks hun!

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