Tuesday, November 9, 2010

becky is my favorite

if you know me at all, you'll know that i couldn't have a guest post week without having my lovah do a post for me. becky is my favorite person in the world. seriously, she is. she's funny, she's a texas gal (although i don't think she likes it much) and she's baby butterbean's godmother of badassness. plus she's seriously tall, has two different color eyes, and she's smokin hot. just ask her fiance chuck. anyvajazzle, check out her blog, hit her up on the twit, drop her an email, whatevs, just know that when you fall in love with her, you can't have her. chuck and i already have dibs.

beans is partying it up on her buuuuurfday! what's she doing? something awesome, you can be sure. she's probably drinking champagne from crystal champagne cups, er whatever you call them, you fancy people. in honor of bean's burfday week, i wanted to tell you a little about a little party that happened a long time ago to a little becky, far, far away.

when we moved back to the states from italy, my dad bought a bus. a bus? you say? yes. a bus. and then he converted it into an RV type-a thing. he did indeed. it had beds and more beds and a table that turned into a bed and a stove and cabinets AND you could climb up on the roof and just HANG OUT! it was SO cool.

for my 12th birthday, my mother somehow convinced me that a bus based birthday party would be awwwwesome. what better than a bus, than a dress-up party! nothing!

i busted out my kaboodle, my bright pink lipstick (is there any other kind?) and bedazzled black shirt and it was PARTY TIME!
so the bus. he didn't paint the outside. no, he left the outside very bus-like. it was orangey and delicious. and people would say, "oh, the house with the bus?" and i would say, "schmessh." really softly. EVEN THOUGH! the house is like up a hill and not right on the road, for heavens sake. he could of at least put that thing in the back pasture.

however, the INSIDE of the bus had beds and tables that turned into beds and a stove and a really awesome bathroom that we weren't allowed to use and an awesome captain's chair. imagination station, anyone? all aboard! oh, right. it also ended up having bees in there but that's ok because the roof was the best part. it was flat and it was high up and IT HAD A LADDER! I KNOW! ladders are the fucking shit!

and that's the time that you were like, damn! becky's hot in bedazzled eighties shirt and really short skirt. even when she was 12.


Nikki said...

Whenever you tell this story...I picture your Dad as some religious nut. Am I right?

I also don't picture you as tall...I don't know why.

andygirl said...

Becky, just when I think you can't possibly get any more awesome, you break out your kaboodle and blow me away.

theTsaritsa said...

I loved my kaboodle-- except I wasn't allowed to wear make-up so it's where I kept my plastic jewelry. Love the story and fun photos-- boy, that's a short skirt!

mylittlebecky said...

nikki- we're not religious at all. he's just a nut. i am tall! and i WILL CRUSH YOU! nah, i probably won't. but i could. but i probably won't.

andygirly- awww, i feel all fuzzy and warm over here.

tt- that's one thing nobody ever said anything about. all the make-up was ok and i was over too much make-up by middle school.

Melissa (A Gracious Calm) said...

Becky, you are still my personal hero. And you are way cooler than me.

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