Friday, November 5, 2010

birfdays are for wieners!

y'all my birthday is on monday!!

happy birthday to me

have you gotten me anything yet? no? don't worry, you've got all weekend to pick something out. although you should have been putting a lot of thought into it already! 

anyvajazzle, i've had a few bloggers begging me to let them guest post for me, and i figured that it would be a terrific present if they did it the week of my birthday! 

ok, that's not 100% true, it was pretty much me begging some of my favorite bloggers, not the other way around. but, that's aside from the fact. next week i'm taking the week off to lay around and let my servants wait on me hand and foot. ok, that's not true either. i will be taking the week off from blogging, but much to my disappointment, i don't have servants. maybe y'all could pitch in and get me some for my birthday? 

so, while y'all are hunting down gifts for me, i'll have some of my favorite bloggers guest posting for me!! i'm extremely excited about this y'all! so be sure and check back next week for a little birthday love!

hope y'all have a great weekend, if you want, you can use my birthday as an excuse to party your tails off!

pee ess? here's a little birthday present from me to you: click here

1 comment:

~KS said...

Happy birthday week!!! Writing your post now... during class. I'm awesome like that :) Sending it your way soon!!!

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