Saturday, November 20, 2010

brown chicken brown cow

y'all are probably wondering where i've been all week. well, i'll tell ya. i've been nursing sore joints and writing a guest post for miss andy. it's about the sexy time, so it took me awhile to build up the courage to write it.

anyvajazzle, i grabbed life by the family jewels and jumped in head first, and wrote a post about the sexy time. and not sexy time with the hubs, sexy time with someone other than the hubs! scandalous, i know!! 

anyway, i'm over here today talking about sex and that jazz! so, head on over and check me out. unless you're my mom, and in that case, just click the 'x' up there in the corner and close out of this, pronto! 

sexy saturdays with andy. it's sexy, yo!

hope y'all have a great (and sexy!) weekend. hopefully i'll be back to my old bloggy self come monday and i can catch all of you up on my birthday adventures! 


andygirl said...

so happy to have you! :D

B said...

HAHAHA! I have been on and off composing a post about sexy time and libidos (what libidos?) and the like for like, 3 months. One of these days I'll get the cahones to post it! Perhaps you're motivating me!

Butterbean said...

b: dooooo it!!!

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