Wednesday, November 10, 2010

crazy lady andy girl

i just came across our next guest poster not that long ago, but i wish i would have found her a lot earlier! this chick is witty, smart, an amazing writer, and has some awesome stories. she's got the most adorable cat (check out her etsy shop to help out with jete's cancer treatment!) and takes the most amazing pictures. as you can tell, i may have a biiiit of a girl crush on miss andy. check out her blog, follow her on the twit, go buy some of her stuff, just be prepared for a little crazy with a side of awesome sauce.

Firstly, I’d like to get the important stuff out of the way and wish Butterbean a happy birthday! I hope you partied it up good(ly) (because I just can’t misuse an adverb)! 

I love birthdays. They’re like the best holidays ever. I mean, does anyone really care about Labor Day? Nooo. But everyone cares about birthdays. Even people who say they hate their birthdays love their birthdays. 

It’s like, a law of nature or something. 

And what’s not to love? A day all about you and people give you things and eat lots of food and sweets in your honor. And as you get older, people consume copious amounts of alcohol just to celebrate that you! were born! 

Does it get better than that? 

Nopetty nope. 

Growing up, I didn’t love my birthdays (shocking, I know) because I had to share them with my mom. We have the same birthday and she’d throw us elaborate birthday parties that were really all about her and to show off what amazingness she could produce. If I’d had my way, it would have been my closest friends, a sheet cake, a plate of carrots, and a day of cartoon watching or running around on a slip n slide. 

Easy peasy. 

So now I make up for it. And I’ve had some kickass birthdays in my adult years. I’ve had some great times with friends, gone dancing, been cooked an amazing meal by my host mom in France, and eaten some amazing meals. The best birthdays, really, were spent with great people and great food. 

Which brings me to my favorite birthday thus far: my 28th. 

I decided I wanted something intimate. I wanted to do something to show my best friends how much I loved them. So I invited my closest and bestest (even though some couldn’t come), drug my dining room table to my front patio, hung japanese latnerns and twinkle lights, set out my mother’s china, cooked 4 courses of cuisine I like to call Andy-esque, lit candles, and poured the wine. 

We spent the evening eating and laughing and telling great stories under the night sky. It was gorgeously decadent and lovely. Perfect, even. All I need to celebrate my birth. 

All I need to celebrate my life. 


andygirl said...

thanks for having me, darlin'! and thanks for the very, very sweet intro. :D

Melissa (A Gracious Calm) said...

Very nice post! And your 28th birthday sounds awesome. :)

Simone Says... said...

i share my birthday with my parents wedding anniversary. nothing like spending birthdays fighting over where to eat dinner.

Alliegresham said...

Hey Andy...sounds like an awesome bday! I wish I was 28 again! *sigh* =)

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