Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tis the season for valium and vodka

y'all tomorrow is december. i am not okay with this.

it may seem like i've been mia from the bloggy world, but i haven't. i've been stalking all of your blogs, just not leaving comments. i've been feeling very uninspired lately, and it's been effecting my blog, among other things.

i hate being in a funk. it messes with my emotions and causes me to have the mood swings of a ready-to-pop pregnant woman. and it's so much worse to be in a bad mood around the holidays.

i'm really trying to get into the holiday spirit, if only for baby butterbean's sake, but i just can't seem to shake this gloomy mood. as most of you know, the one year anniversary of my grandfather's death is quickly approaching, plus there are a few other things that are determined to crap on my holiday cheer parade. and, to top it all off, my teeny tiny little baby girl will be one in about 6 and a half weeks. i'm very close to losing my shit y'all.

so, i'm basically planning on wrapping myself in lights and garland, drinking hot chocolate and singing christmas carols until i'm filled with joy.

i'm going to try and pick up the slack on the blogging, and i'll make the effort to leave comments on all of your blogs!! i love all of you for sticking it out and putting up with my whining!! i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and hopefully you are all in a better mood than i am!


Whitney said...

"so, i'm basically planning on wrapping myself in lights and garland, drinking hot chocolate and singing christmas carols until i'm filled with joy."

Well, if you can't be cheerful, at least you'll be festive?

Ms. Salti said...

I'm not in much of a better mood at the moment as I'm stuck in effing Oklahoma and tomorrow is my birthday. To top it off, I'm eating alone in a restaurant as I type. Talk about depressing!

B said...

Could it feel any less like the holidays? I don't know if it's A's birthday overshadowing it, or just the less-than-appropriate weather, but I feel very bah humbug. Wahhhhh.

We need drinks. ASAP.

Miss Wendy said...

This blog title explains my feelings exactly.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I have been feeling uninspired too lately. Could you throw some twinkle lights my way when you're done with them?

Laura said...

I feel ya. I've been so frazzled with homework and finals coming up, that I haven't had time to even THINK about the holidays. I keep feeling like I'm going to wake up one morning and realize that it's the middle of effing January! ha.

Here's wishing you a happy rest of December! Bottoms up? :)

Butterbean said...

OMG y'all, blogger didn't send me any emails that i had comments on this post!!

whitney: festive, insane, potato, potahto.

b: yes. drinks. soon. please.

miss wendy: glad i'm not alone!

brandy: i can make it look like a christmas tree threw up on you, are you cool with that??

laura: bottoms up, indeed! best words i've read all day!

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