Monday, December 13, 2010

e'erbody loves the green

i'm a leetle late to the game, but there is an ah-maz-zing giveaway (a $500 gift card!) going on over at fantabulously frugal right now.

bad news? it ends tonight! 

so i'm scooting in right under the wire, but at least i'm in there, right?

anyvajazzle, i'm supposed to write about my biggest purchase regret, so, we'll make this quick and easy. here goes:

my biggest purchase regret has to be the truck that i bought right after high school. 

my mom bought me a brand new car the summer before my senior year, but i decided i need a 13 year old pickup instead. 

after shelling out way too much money, i drove off with a loud, piece of crap that eventually become known as "the beast."

it held up for less than a year.

so what about y'all? what is your biggest purchase regret?

1 comment:

Liz said...

My biggest purchase regrets are probably buying a lot of cheap crap in one trip to the mall. but I'm glad those days are over!

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