Monday, December 6, 2010


good news folks, the funk has been semi lifted. i'm still a little grinchie, but it seems that i've caught a little bit of the cheer.

i even woke up this morning thinking "i think we need more christmas lights on the house." so, either my mood is changing or the hubs is medicating me. either one will work.

take with good food and plenty of alcohol

anyvajazzle, i've been thinking a lot lately about where i wanna go with this blog. for the longest it's just been something that i use to throw random thoughts into the universe and get opinions on them. now, don't get me wrong, i love that idea. i love being able to ramble on about random things and getting y'alls input, but this blog just doesn't seem complete to me. there are so many things that i'm interested in writing about. i love fashion, and i'd love to write about what i'm currently loving. i also love to cook, like, loooooove love to cook, and i'd love to post recipes or pictures of food that i think is simply gorgeous. but, just the same as i don't want to strictly be a mommy blogger, i also don't want to be a fashion blogger, or a food blogger. 

the reason that i'm rambling on about this, is because i want to know what y'all think. i love every one of my readers, and i want y'all to find my blog interesting.

so, i'm asking y'all, what would YOU like me to write about? a little food here and there? a little dab of fashion occasionally? the wonders of justin bieber's hair? (seriously, he annoys the crap outta me, but how the hell does he keep his hair like that? and how does it stay so shiny!?) i wanna know what y'all are interested in. would y'all mind if my blog was one big smorgasbord? a mix and match of total randomness? or would you rather come here for one thing? like, to discuss just how hot ryan reynolds is?

why, yes ryan, i will marry you and have your babies!

i wanna know what my readers want. (besides more pictures of a shirtless ryan. roawr.) so, email me, leave a comment, send a carrier pigeon, something! just somehow let me know what y'all are interested in reading. because i'm ready to jump head first back into the blogging thing, and i really wanna know!

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B said...

duuuuuude! he's so hot. I mean, seriously, super duper hot for his upcoming movie. yum. You can write about Ryan Reynolds - or just post more pics - all day and all night, and I'll be sitting here waiting :)

Ms. Salti said...

Ryan is always welcome. Otherwise, I think a little bit of everything is always a good idea. Keep things mixed up. Maybe you could stick to a schedule or something. Mondays are for fashion posts. Tuesdays for recipes. Wednesdays for whatevs. You know, something along those lines. Whaddaya think?

Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Melissa (A Gracious Calm) said...

Topics? All I can think about it is Ryan Reynolds... uh... driveway.. what?

Oh.. what about past Christmases?

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I usually go with the random trend. I have a few steady posts I stick to but I have to mix it up or I would go crazy!!

I think you are so funny!

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