Tuesday, December 14, 2010

thank you apple

y'all, i'm an addict.

my drug of choice?


let me back up a bit here, up until last week, i had a second generation iphone, and, even though i hated it most of the time, i couldn't live without it. ever since i downloaded my first song from itunes, i was hooked. there were times when we'd fight, and i'd think of leaving my beloved iphone for a blackberry (gasp!), but i'd always end up realizing that i'd never leave my it, even though it wouldn't update or do a backup.

and then? out came the iphone 4.

and oh man, i was in love.

but, then there was a problem. the hubs was in dire need of a new phone. his old piece of crap was pretty much shot. and to make matters worse, he wanted my new object of affection. do y'all know what that means? we were going to have to spend $400 on phones. which is pretty much a joke since we have baby butterbean. do y'all know how much butt cream and formula i could buy with 400 bucks!?

so, i cuddled up with my beloved second generation iphone and cried myself to sleep.

skip forward to last thursday.

i was cruising the twit, when i saw someone that i follow had retweeted something about best buy giving away iphones!! and i was all, "crazy tweep say whaaa!?" so, i click the link and it takes me to this seedy little blog that's talking about best buy giving away the 8 gig 3gs for free if you're a new at&t customer or if you're eligible for an upgrade. now, mind you, it wasn't the squeaky new white 16 gig iphone 4 that i wanted, but it was better than what i had, and it was still an iphone! so, come friday morning the hubs and i were both sportin new phones.

  now, since i wasn't able to do an update on my last iphone for about the last year and a half, i knew *nothing* about ibooks. i was completely oblivious to this wonderful little thing. so when i signed into the app store and my new shiny toy asked "do you want to download ibooks for free now?" i was all, "hells yeah!" and then i heard my bank card screaming from my wallet.

in the last 4 days i've downloaded 7 books. 7, y'all. i'm not even finished reading the first one and i've already downloaded 6 more. i think we're gonna have a problem.

anyvajazzle, i'm reading bitter is the new black right now and lemme tell ya, you need to read it! like, now. like, go to your nearest library, book store, target, something and pick it up, now! it's genius. pure genius! 

ok lovahs, hope all of you are having a wonderful tuesday! go buy the book. and download ibooks if you've got an iphone. your credit card will hate it, but you will love it!

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