Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

The hubs thinks I'm annoying. I'm totally not kidding, he actually said I'm annoying. Mostly because of my excessive use of "Yo," "Werd," and TWSS jokes. Oh, and because whenever I make tea, I prance around the house singing "tea, tea for two, tea for two and none for you," for about an hour. He just doesn't appreciate my artistic abilities. And because he's an asshat.


Baby Butterbean's birthday is in 11 days. Eleven days, y'all! The party planning and preparation is coming along great. Besides the fact that I don't have a location for it. That's just a tiny detail, right? Once I get all of this squared away, I'm going to sit in my closet with copious amounts of alcohol and cry my eyes out. I don't want my baby to be a toddler!!


In related news, she's walking now. Not confidently, but she's at least doing it. And her vocabulary amazes me, but the fact that she chooses to only speak at certain times is downright annoying. One of the reasons you have children is to show off what they can do, right? So, speak child, speak! Momma wants to impress folks! 


Well, that's about it. I just needed to empty my thoughts so I could keep working my fingers to the bone on these party preparations. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! xoxo 

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