Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thawing Out

Friends, spring has sprung here in Texas.

And it couldn't have come fast enough. Don't get me wrong, I love the winter, and as soon as the hundred degree weather gets here, I'll be moaning that it's too hot, but for right now, I'm enjoying it. I've had the windows open and the a/c off for the last two weeks.

And, seeing as how Baby Butterbean is finally big enough to play outside, we've spent every waking moment out in the fresh air.

Park Play

It's also rodeo time down here in my little part of Texas. The Houston fair and rodeo kicks off on Tuesday, and the Austin fair and rodeo kicks off soon after that, so we're polishing up our boots and dusting off our cowboy hats.

Like A Rhinestone Cowgirl

Also, all of this warmer weather has up feeling a bit lovey dovey, so we've been spending time with our significant others.

Love Birds

Ok, enough of the cute kid pics. We'll move on to something else.

With this change in the weather, I've been craving a bit of a change as well.

Mainly, my hair.

This? Is hot. I'm currently a reddish brunette, and have no bangs. But I feel like this needs to change. I think I need to rock some bangs this spring.

I'm also craving some cute strappy shoes. Flip flops, open toe wedges, strappy sandles, I want them all. I love my fall and winter boots, but my poor tootsies haven't seen the sun since September, and they're begging to be sock free.

These and the right pair of sunnies? Love.

While we're at it, let's get these for the babe

Too cute. 

So what about y'all? Is it finally thawing out where you are, or are you still rocking the peacoat and ear muffs? Are you longing for warmer weather, or content with the cold?


andygirl said...

buttfuck freezing in Portland!

B said...

SO glad for the change in weather!!!!!

Let's please get the girls together at the park in the next week!!!! I'm texting you now :)

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