Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness Friday

First and foremost, let me say that it is perfectly acceptable that I'm eating a taco salad while I'm writing this post. It is, after all, a salad. Sure, it's wrapped in a deliciously fried bowl, and loaded down with greasy taco meat, BUT STILL!! It's a salad.


Anyvajazzle, back to the case at hand. You've all heard (read?) me whine about losing weight, and how I was going to do something about it, and wuddaya know? I still haven't done anything. I'm still sitting on my couch stuffing my face with M&Ms. Well, friends, that's all changed.

Thanks to a few wondeful tweeps!

Let me explain, a few nights ago, a few of the lovely ladies that I follow on the twit were talking about the 30 Day Shred. Ya know, the one that tried to kill me once before? Anyway, they decided to start a little twitter Shred group and I just had to jump in.

And guess what!? It's definitely what I needed! The encouragement and support of other people who are in the same place as me is paying off greatly. I don't feel like I'm going at this alone. Granted, it's only been three days, but if it weren't for my Shred Crew, I probably would have called it quits after the first day. Or definitely after yesterday, seeing as how I lost my dinner once I was done with the workout. But, I'm not giving up. If these girls can push through the pain, then I can also.

So, my question is, who wants in on the Shred Crew? You don't necessarily need to have a twitter account, but it's definitely easier because you can follow along and chat with us all in one place. If you're on twitter, just give me a shout and I'll get ya going in the right direction, if you're not on twitter, no worries, just leave me a comment, or email me (lilmissbutterbean @ the gmail) and I'll find a way to get you included. I think we're currently talking about a blog button possibly, and I'll definitely be doing weekly blogs about it, so maybe we can get everyone linked up! I'm so excited about this y'all, and I know that the Shred Crew would be ecstatic to have more people join in!

So here's to being fit and fabulous... Or at least not being out of breath by the time I reach the top of my porch stairs!

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Torrie said...

Seriously. This is just what I needed as well. I wrote Kayla an email of the approach I'm taking (I haven't written about on twitter due to the short space characters on tweets!) that may help you... I'm not saying I've mastered it by any means (still on level 1!) but it is yielding results, keeping me motivated, an building muscle. I'll forward it to you!

Sophia said...

What is this 'Shred' thing? I'm intrigued! Best of luck though, great tweeps are the secret to getting through most tough things I find!!

Katie said...

A salad is a salad. Thats my motto, anyway!

Ms. Salti said...

What a great idea! Good luck... I'm not going to do the Shred, but I'm doing all my own workout stuff...maybe I'll join you?!

Chels said...

I'm pretty sure I cried the first day of the shred. No, I actually threw a full blown temper tantrum because I only made it through the first 10 minutes. THAT is sad. Good luck - it really is a good work out! :)

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