Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letting the Sunshine In

Friends, I have spent my morning spring cleaning

Not that type of spring cleaning, although I should probably check into that

The weather is absolutely beautiful down here in our little corner of Texas, so we've had our windows open and our a/c off. I love this time of year. The wildflowers are starting to bloom and the birds are singing outside of my window.

Ny favorite wildflower

It always seems that once this time of year rolls around, I'm coming down with cabin fever. I start to itch for the warm sunshine. The first signs of spring get me all giddy. And strangely, I start wanting to clean. I guess since everything is so much brighter outside, everything inside appears kind of dim. As though winter left a gray film on everything. So, I bust out my army of cleaning supplies and I go to town. It's exhausting and it takes all day, and I feel disgusting afterward, but in my opinion, nothing feels better than having an entirely clean house.

And then? Five minutes after I'm done? The babe comes along and my living room looks like the toy box threw up all over the place.

So much for my clean house!

So what about you? Do you itch to "come clean" once spring rolls around?

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andygirl said...

oh yes. I love to clean and I love the change of seasons! SO ready for spring here!!

Chels said...

I have to be in a REALLY special mood to dig the big ol' spring clean. Facebook spring cleaning on the other hand? LOVE IT. I secretly find deleting people totally thrilling. Because obviously my life is SUPER EXCITING.

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I love Someecards! They always crack me up.

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