Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Dye For

Well, well, well, look at me, three posts in as many days. I'm on a roll!

Anyvajazzle, I thought I'd do a quick post because I dyed my hair tonight and wanted to do a review on the product that I used. Firstly, let me say, I have not been compensated for this review. I bought the dye with my own money and L'Oreal has no idea I even purchased their product. Ok, now to the goods.

I saw this advertised, and decided that I needed to try it because they bragged about how easy it is. I normally go to a salon to get my hurrs did, but after I went to brown back in January, and did it at home, I've skipped the salon and rocked my $12 color. Anyway, I saw this in the drugstore the other day and decided to give it a shot. I went with the darkest brown, it was a bit darker than my current hair color, but I was looking to go a bit darker.

L'Oreal advertises that the "Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look™ is a permanent conditioning hair color that provides beautiful, natural-looking color without the drips. The luscious mousse is as easy to apply as shampoo – no more parting or separating. Lively, shiny color with perfect gray coverage, it’s hair color to fall in love with!"

Now, I will say there really wasn't a mess at all. You mix two bottles together and then pump the foam into your hands. No paste, no brush, nothing. It's really a lot cleaner than the normal dyes. I thought that it would stay foamy in your hair, but it doesn't, which actually makes it easier to see where you've got the color.

See the dye on the forehead? Obviously I'm a pro

After applying the dye I had 30 minutes to kill, so I sat in the tub and read a magazine. Which basically means I got 30 minutes of "me time". Score! After the time was up, I hopped in the shower and rinsed the dye out. There's a conditioner that comes with the color that you use after the initial dye and about once a week after that. It smells wonderful, but I don't think it does it's job, because after I washed and blow dryer my hair, the ends were dry.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the mousse dye. I loved how easy it was to apply, and, even though the darkness was a bit of a shock at first, I think I'm getting used to it. It really is a pretty color. I'd definitely give this a thumbs up, and it would get two if it had made my hair a bit softer. I'm almost certain that if I dye my hair at home again, I'll use this, mostly because of how easy it is. If you're looking to do a DIY dye job, you should definitely give this a shot!

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andygirl said...

loverly! you know, you can get the Clairol (I think) post dye conditioner all alone at Target. it's lovely.

Melissa (A Gracious Calm) said...

Very pretty dear! I like it. :)

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I need to buy grey heirs are becoming too numerous and I think it's time to dye :(

mylittlebecky said...

you so cuuuuute!

Christine Marie said...

How YOU doin!

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