Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Hello Lovies!!

Firstly, lemme say, that I'm very sorry for the lack of posting lately. I promise I'm trying to get better at blogging, but, between sick babies and sick me, it's hard. Which is also my excuse for there being no Trend Watch Tuesday tomorrow. I've been on my death bed with an evil Ebola/Bubonic Plague mutant virus since last week and don't have anyone lined up! But, no worries, it'll be back in full swing next week!

Now, I hope that all of you are having a wonderful three day weekend, and I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day! I, unfortunately, am stuck behind my desk at work. The work of a bail bondsman never stops, apparently! So, I will let all of you get back to your barbecues and your beach frolicking, and I'll get back to calling criminals.

Happy Memorial Day, y'all!

I thank God for my life
For the stars and stripes
May freedom forever fly,
Let it ring.
Salute the ones who died,
The ones who gave their lives so we don't
have to sacrifice
all the things we love.

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