Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trend Watch Tuesday

Hey y'all! Welcome to another Trend Watch Tuesday! I have a surprise for you today. We are shaking things up a bit. This lovely lady that I'm featuring today isn't technically a blogger. {Gasp!} She's actually a designer from Austin, and she's insanely talented. I love her personal style, and I love what she creates, so I thought I'd throw the rule book out the window for once and feature her. We're rebeling it up in this hizzy, y'all. Anyway, her name is Anslee and you can catch her on the twit or you can like her on facebook. Ok, I'll stop chatting, please welcome Anslee to the blog!

Hey, hi! It’s Anslee, your new best friend! How much fun is it that I get to talk about my style on this blog?! I’m so honored and excited – so let’s get right to it! Oh, and beware: my hair recently became blonde, so note that some of these photos of me have darker hair but it’s still me. And just for the record, I AM having more fun! ;)

Ladies, if you’ve got curves like I do, it’s all about the waistline! The waistline is where I start my outfit planning every day. If I don’t have that mapped out, my outfit can be a total miss. Luckily, I get to make my own clothes for a living, so I don’t have to worry
about where my clothes fit me, but I know I am a special case. For the curvy ladies who don’t sew, just keep your eye out for well-tailored skirts and dresses that hit at the natural waistline that is at the curve of your body when you bend over during the song “I’m a Little Teapot.” (You’re totally singing that right now, aren’t you?)

This super fun, brightly colored, splatter painted, neon piranha fitted pencil skirt pictured above hits me in all the right places, but especially at the waistline. It was perfect for the day I opened Austin’s first plus size designer boutique under my label – savannahred – inside Cypress Vanguard downtown. What a happy day to wear a curve-hugging 80’s print skirt!

Being plus size, I know the difficulties one may encounter in the dressing room because plus size manufacturers tend to make our clothes a little on the shapeless side. Fortunately, for some dresses, you can
fix the shapelessness with my second favorite accessory - a belt/sash (preferably of the wide variety)!

My first favorite accessory is… COLOR! I. Love. Color. I love it on my face. I love it on my body. I love it on everything from my head to my toes! Color is what makes me happy. There are times I’ve gone a bit overboard on the color boat, but I try to maintain a pretty good balance that isn’t too Rainbow Bright. Of course, prints are my friend, too. They keep the movement happening in the outfit, even if the color is fairly minimal. (That neon skirt sure knows some movement!)

More often than not, you’ll find me in a sleeveless sweetheart
neckline with or without a wide set halter. That’s my classic neckline because I know what works for me. I love any off-the-shoulder styles. They tend to add a saucy little element to your wardrobe, and let’s face it, the sweetheart neckline is good for “the girls.” And what’s good for them is good for you, baby.

Accessories are so important for every outfit and they give you that extra step for you to express yourself – so speak up, gorgeous! Since we already know about shoes and where to find them and how much we all love them, I’ll skip that part for this blog entry. For the rest of the outfit, I like to keep it local, so for jewelry and handbags, I call on my best friends who are also local designers like Simmang Design and *annemarie* to accessorize my outfits in order to keep them fresh and truly unique. Because they do custom work, they can tailor their creations to my outfit. How freakin’ cool is that?! I’m also a big hat person, so even accessorizing my head is extra fun and it adds a special detail to the outfit, which was a super rad tradition not too long ago. I usually talk to my friend Laura del Villaggio with Milli Starr to get the hook up, and there again, she can customize to my specifications because she lives down the road from me and we work in the same shop! (Living in Austin really does have its perks, huh?) If you don’t live in Austin, I know you can find someone who can make you something to go along with your outfit (or
hop on over to the magical world of Etsy.com). At the very least, it will be a great conversation piece! Or hey, maybe even make it yourself, sassy lady!

And of course, the golden ticket to making any outfit a winner – no matter what you’re wearing – is a smile! Confidence and happiness go a long, long way, my lovely new friend, and even the cutest, best fitting outfit can go from a good outfit to the most amazing outfit you’ve ever worn when you’re happy and you know it and your face is really showing it. (So I love children’s songs. What?) Smiles are contagious and they look great on everyone, so get out there and work it, hot stuff. The day is yours and you are beautiful.

Thank you for letting me post about how I flaunt my assets! ;) Be my friend on the Facebook if you want or Love my business page at http://www.facebook.com/savannahredcurvycouture. I’ve had so much fun
here. I can’t wait to hear what you think about my style. Have a
wonderful day, gorgeous!



Melissa said...

You look super cute as a blonde! Love the polka dotted dress. :)

jennheffer said...

What a FUN post! You are GORGEOUS!!

Thanks for this, it was a blast to read...and um, ya, I stalked you...I mean found you on the twittah! ;o)

andygirl said...

such cuteness! I can't contain.

BB- sorry I've not been around. I've been BUSY! <3

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

What a doll! Seriously, I love that last pic of her with her huge smile!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

She is freaking awesome!

Kristin said...

J'adore color! Women of all shapes look amazing when they rock it with confidence!

savannahred said...

You guys are so sweet! Thank you so much for the love :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! <3.


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