Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trend Watch Tuesday

I am so excited about this week's Trend Watch Tuesday featured blogger! She's a local gal from Austin, which you know I adore! She got great style, and her confidence is through the roof! I love her blog, and she's also on the twit, which, as you know, gives her extra brownie points in my book. Ok, I've made y'all wait long enough, please welcome the lovely Cathy!

Hi lovelies! I’m Cathy from Austin Slave to Fashion, and I am absolutely honored to be here on Mrs. J’s blog. She cracks me up both on her blog and her brilliant Tumblr. She sort of gave me free reign *evil grin* to talk about style and fashion and such. So I want to share with you the three things that I think of when I get dressed. I apologize in advance for the mayhem and foolishness that is about to ensue……..

1. Don’t be afraid to get a little bold. I love my neutrals as much as the next girl; I’m pretty sure I own more little black dresses than most of my friends combined! But I always remember to add something. Whether it’s bright shoes, a cool patterned scarf, or even just a bold red lip- I like to have a dash of the unexpected. Just one unexpected twist can take a grouping of clothes and make it into a polished outfit.

2. Style does not equal discomfort. There is nothing more I love than to get all fancied up for some grand event. But let’s be honest ladies- that takes a lot of work and usually a lot of discomfort! For my everyday outfits, I like them to be fun, a little unexpected and a whole lot of comfortable. I know we are constantly bombarded with images of women in body-con dresses and sky-high heels. But for the majority of us, that’s just not feasible for our crazy lives. I’ve invested in many a pair of cute flats (and more than a few pairs of funky Vans!) and have no problem admitting that I wear dresses because they are comfortable and easy. Just because you want to look great doesn’t mean you have to feel bad.

3. It looks better when it’s me. I read a million fashion blogs, fashion magazines, and style articles. It’s awesome because I get so much inspiration from what I see. But I always remember that it’s just that; inspiration. I don’t want to copy someone else’s look- I want to take that and make it my own. Sometimes it’s just the feeling a look evokes; other times it’s a brilliant color pairing that I’d never thought of. No matter what it is, there is always a way to take it, adapt it, and make it into something that says something about me.

So, to make a long story short (too late)* I choose to wear what makes me happy, what makes me look my best, and what says the most about who I am. Each and every one of us has something different and unique to share with the world. Let’s all make sure that our clothes show those brilliant differences and amazing qualities. Keep it classy and fabulous ladies, and a HUGE thanks to Mrs. J for inviting me to be on her sweet blog!

*If you can tell me what movie that’s from, I’ll give you a hug……or a puppy…… or some cheese whiz. Your call!


Melissa said...

Another great one! I have a feeling that everyone dresses nicer than me. :P

I think the first outfit is my favourite, love the pop of colour from the red!

Katie said...

Yay! Love seeing you feature people I "know" :)

savannahred said...

I totally love me some Cathy B!!! :)

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