Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trend Watch Tuesday: Kora Bruce from Dixie Lust

Hey Y'all -

It's Mizz Kora Bruce over from the newly revived Dixie Lust. Lady J asked me to stop on by let give you guys a little post on my style. But before we get to that, lets take care of some business.

J, JGar, & Moi the night we all met IRL
January 2011

I just want to, for a moment, tell you guys how much I adore this lady. We've been "blogging buddies" since 2009 or so but this past January we took the much over-due next step and met in real life. Oh. My. Goodness. She's too much. I absolutely can not get enough of her. With countless inside jokes, made up vocabulary, daily gchats, and trash talking that would make Joan Rivers blush, we've got a lady-romance like no other.

In short, I kind of love her.

So yeah....

When J asked me to do this post, I thought for a while what I'd show you guys - My work-wear? My saturday night dresses? My netflix-and-napping sweats? But I've come to realize style's such a unique and personal thing. I don't want to come here and tell you need these heels and this bedazzled brooch when you're a Nike Dunks kind of girl. I don't want to show you 15 sleeveless dresses when your workplace strictly enforces "no bare arms."

What I want to talk about is giving yourself the freedom to create. I can already hear some of you whispering "I'm not the creative type...." and I say "Psssssh whatevs..."

For me, fashion is all about finding pieces that you're innately drawn to and making them work with everything else thats made its way into your closet. Its about closing your eyes in the morning, gauging your mood and wants, then diving in to your closet and finding something that reflects exactly what you feel.

So here's a few ideas on getting your fashion-artistry on:


For all those who aren't as obsessed with cooking as I am, "mise en place" is French for "everything in place." Before chefs create a meal, they take out every ingredient they're going to use, pre-measure it and set it next to their work area.

I've always been under the impression that because I label myself "a creative person" that my surroundings need to reflect that and be just as unpredictable and free as what I create. Wrong. I've done a little business training and life coaching in recent years, and through that I realize that when I'm at peak "mise en place"-ness, then I do my best creating - whether its work, blogging, or even my closet.

For me, it's been about visually knowing whats available for todays outfit.

Hence my closet looks like this:


  • Items that pinch, pull, ride up, sag, and just plain don't fit.
  • Items that are torn, have a broken zipper, missing a button, etc
  • Items that are trendy but don't flatter. Hello, leggings. I refuse to look like an ice cream cone.
I'm not saying you have to throw it out, just move it to a different spot where you'll remember to have it fixed or altered. Nothings worse than being in a rush to get dressed, only to pick items that dont fit, don''t zip, or make me feel like a fatty.


I know fashion bloggers are everywhere these days, and they're great for inspiration but don't let be your lone source.

One of my biggest sources of fashion inspiration is graphic design. Companies pay designers and focus groups tons of money to find color and texture combinations that "work."

Find a logo, a website, a billboard that jumps out to you - one that you're instantly drawn to aesthetically - and try creating a look using the elements that drew you to it.


A shirt isn't always a shirt. Sometimes it's a skirt.

And sometimes a dress can be a shirt. or skirt. or a head wrap.

Sometimes those earrings are hair charms.
(oh yes. I've done it)

If you see something in your closet and think I wish that _______ was a _______ , make it happen.


Sometimes you simply need some guidelines to get your creativity flowing.

Some of the challenges I've seen happening online:

Black Out → try a week with no black
Apparel Diet → set a time frame for no new purchases
Remix 30 → pick 30 pieces to wear for the month & remix them
$100 summer - Set aside $100 limit for summer purchases

Try following one of the above, adapting it, or creating your own!

Alrighty folks,
That's all I've got for you today. Hope it gave you guys a few ideas!

Make sure to come visit over at Dixie Lust!


Summer Athena said...

omg. she came out of hiding! and mise en place is what we call getting all of our ingredients together! ahhhhh!

your closet is enviable.

Kora Bruce said...

Summer, I knew you'd love it. Mise En Place = heaven!

Melissa said...

You are super organized! Very nice, I love your suggestions/tips.

Also, I think I'm going to start getting all my ingredients ready and pre-measured now when I cook.

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