Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Touch of Glitz

Well, it's Thursday morning. Which means last night, I was sunk into my couch, wine glass in hand, glued to my all time favorite show.

Oh yes, you read that right. Toddlers & Tiaras. The glitz, the glitter, the glamour. The big hair and even bigger attitudes. I love it all. It's like my crack. Well, that, and shopping.

Anypageants, last night didn't disappoint. They brought the crazy. Hell, they even tied it up in a pretty, glitzy bow.

My favorite stars of last night's show were Alaska and Braxton. A brother and sister duo who compete against each other. Not only for the Supreme Title, but for momma's attention as well. Braxton is what his mom calls a "very pretty boy". She keeps his hair longer and even said she could put his hair in pigtails and have him compete as a girl. Someone's been sipping the crazy koolaid! Now, the daughter, Alaska, is a very pretty little girl. But her mom says she's very "cookie cutter" since she's blonde haired and blue eyed, and basically says her son would beat her daughter in a pageant any day. She even goes as far as saying she hopes Alaska "accepts defeat or failure” if she loses. Crazy momma say whaaaa!? She bleaches the kids teeth and tints Alaska's blonde eyelashes. She's pretty much the Gary Busey of pageant moms.

Even the dad dips his feet in the crazy pool this week. When Braxton goes in for a haircut the dad is the one who critiques the cut and Alaska chimes in and says the he's the "hair manager". At this point I was pretty much in love with this family for bringing such a hot mess into my living room.

Now, I'm not going to tell y'all what the outcome of the pageant was, just in case someone wants to watch the episode, but I will say that there is a ton of drama! Everything from crappy hair stylists to musical mishaps, and the crowing is sure to shock you!

Ok, I'm off to practice the pageant wave with my daughter. I kid, I kid. Mostly. ;-)

Xoxo m'dears!

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Melissa said...

Holy flaming hell. I cannot watch that show.. it makes me angry inside. And disappointed in the human race in general.

Hannah @ The New Black said...

This show is so crazy! I'd been seeing the season premiere promoted so much I DVR'd it, but haven't watched more than than first episode so far. I'm split between finding this show hilariously entertaining and abhorred by the parents. I love how that girl {forgot her name} 'retired' from pageants. Her Mama is cuckoo.

Laura Wilkerson said...

I love that crazy show almost as much as the new one with the gypsys....those people are awesome! i mean who wouldn't love to go pick out a camper for their home sweet home or better yet have a glow in the dark wedding gown with in-motion butterflies! WTH!

"Say What?" said...

It's another one of those train wreck reality shows, that I'm embarrassed to say ... I can't force myself to look away. Are people really that nuts!?

Alicia said...

ARGH! i missed this episode!! i was watching the one with sarynity last night...that girl was too sweet! it was actually a pretty drama free episode...i am gonna have to go find this crazy family you just talked about though! too good to miss!

Ashley said...

I found your blog thru someone elses..yes im aware that sounds creepy but I swear im not! I love your blog style and I love toddlers and tiaras! All my friends think I've lost it. Its just addicting!

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