Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{Semi} Wordless Wednesday

Y'all? It's Wednesday! We're half way to the weekend! If you want to get technical, today is kind of my Friday since The Hubs works a rotating shift. He's off today and tomorrow, but I still have to work today and Friday. So, maybe today is my Saturday? Or is it my Tuesday? Or is it... Forget it. Back to the task at hand.

I am, once again, joining in the {Semi} Wordless Wednesday blog hop over at Daph's.

Yesterday, my mom had knee surgery, so Baby Butterbean and I spent the day at the hospital with my grandmother, GG. Let me tell you, my daughter loves her GG.

They have these cute little tricks and games that they play with each other.

It makes my heart swell every time I see them together. I'm so glad that Baby Butterbean will have memories of her great grandmother to look back on.

When we finally left the hospital, it was right at rush hour, so the normal 2 hour drive home took a bit longer. At least we had a beautiful view!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! Come on over to Daph's and check out more {Semi} Wordless Wednesdays!


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Collins said...

well hello there! and of course i remember you silly! i will explain more on my blog later but took a little break to live in reality. but...i'm back and can't wait to catch up with everyone! hope you are doing well!
and yes, london was fantastic. more pics to come. :)

"Say What?" said...

Great memories. I miss my grandmother so much. I'm glad your little one is able to spend time with yours.

Kristy said...

My little one loves his grandma too! It's a sweet thing to watch :)

B said...

Aww, aren't great-grandma's the best? I'm so grateful that Ava is getting to know hers as well!!

Shannon said...

so sweet! popping over from Flip Flops and Pearls!

The Pink Owl said...

Great post! Visiting from FF&P! Love your blog design, btw :)

Laura Wilkerson said...

She's such a cutie...I know my Katrina has some great memories of her Big Momma (great grandma) so any time spent is the best time spent together!
I hope your mom recovers quickly....send my well wishes.
Thanks for linking up to SWW and have a great week/or weekend...whatever day your on :)

Jessica said...

Oh my word! What a sweet little baby girl!! I have a house of boys, and while I love it, Id be lying if I said I didnt wish for a little girl. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!

J from The Spitup Chronicles

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