Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Not To Be An Asshole: Part Deux

Some time back I wrote about not being an asshole. I would link y'all, but I'm too lazy to find the post. Don't judge me.

Anywhoodles, if you follow me on the twit, or if you know me IRL, you know of my love for Texas Women. I'm obsessed. It's a big to-do in my house. Anyway, last week there was all kinds o' drama! (which I love!)

The barrel racer Brooke Jeter was getting all fussy over the model/lazy bum Hannah and the bull contractor Anna, or HannahAnna, as I like to call them. There was almost a Texas Women brawl. Or, at least, it was *edited* to look like there was going to be a rumble in the Dee Eff Dubbya. Now, this week, Brooke decides she's gonna post some shiz about HannahAnna all over her facebook page. In fact, it was some pretty serious shiz that could destroy someone's life who has nothing to do with these women girls.

And in my opinion, that's not cool.

Now, listen, I'm all for standing up for yourself, and for defending your actions, but to publicly blast someone, and to drag an innocent person into it, just isn't right.

I'm a firm believer in always handling yourself with class, even in the event of a confrontation. Never make excuses for your actions, and you damn sure don't blame others.

Here's my point of this post. Don't talk shit about people on the internet, especially when you're making very serious allegations, and if you aren't directly involved in, or effected by someone's actions, you have no right to run your mouth. Plain and simple.

Also? Fighting with someone over the internet is completely ridiculous and makes the both of you look like giant asses.

Keep it classy folks, it pays off in the long run.


tara said...

But.. But.. I like running my mouth!!!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I'm glad I have you around to keep me in check.

Neely said...

Love this!

Meg O. said...

Internet drama is for wimps!

Cait said...

haha so funny girl!

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