Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back Where I Come From

I saw this over at Jessica's and I absolutely loved it, so I knew I had to write my own!! You can find the original prompt here.

I am from a football field on Friday night, from Lone Star Beer, and swimming in Cummins Creek on hot summer days.

I am from the two stop light town, with the old men sitting outside the barber shop, and with the water tower that welcomes you.

I am from the bluebonnets and the big oak trees.

I am from Sunday lunches with the whole family and German hips, from Delores and Doris and Bill.

From the over the top holiday decorating and weekly phone calls full of small town gossip.

From "always stand up for what's right" and "take pride in your family name".

I am from Sunday morning service in a country church pew. From reading the bible until it falls apart, and thanking God for all of my blessings.

I’m from Texas, by way of Germany, from chicken 'n' dumplings and my grandma's potato salad.

From the woman who met her true love at a 4H picnic, the woman who bent over backwards for her family, and the man who always stood tall for what he believed in.

I am from mantels filled with old photos, gun cabinets filled with family heirlooms, dusty old saddles, and knick knacks placed where all can see them.

I am from a family that's now broken, but somehow manages to not let go.

I am from a mom who would do anything for her kids, a dad who always hung the moon, and grandparents who loved us like there was no tomorrow.

Today I'm from a house filled with love. From "I lub you, momma"s, finger painting, and juice cups. I'm from endless laundry and movie nights on the couch with my soulmate.

Everywhere I've been has made me in to the person I am today, so I couldn't be more proud than where I'm from!

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