Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day Five

Blogger apparently hates me, because I tried to post yesterday and the day before (Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge Days 3 & 4), but it wouldn't let me! So, I'm trying again today to link up with Neely and Amber. Hopefully Blogger cooperates and I don't end up losing everything like I did on Wednesday.
Anyway, I'll do a mini post on day 3 & 4's topics.

{Day Three}
What do you do for Halloween/a Halloween memory
The first year that B and I were married, we threw a Halloween party, but the next year was my niece's first birthday, so that tradition was scrapped pretty quickly. Up until this year we always spent Halloween with her, but this year we'll see her a few days early, and since Baby Butterbean is old enough, we'll go trick or treating.
These are from Princess R's (my niece) birthday last year.

Halloween Baby
Baby Butterbean and her cousin

{Day Four}
Fall Decorating

Y'all, I looooove decorating for fall! And this year I'll decorate even more, thanks to Pinterest! Here are a few ideas I'm currently loving.

Holiday Printables
Source: via J on Pinterest

Painted & Monogrammed Pumpkins

DIY Adorableness

OK, now on to today's topic!!

{Day Five}
Things You Look Forward to for Fall

-College Football!! You probably shouldn't talk to me during a Bama game!
-County Fairs
-Warm Apple Cider
-Sweaters, boots, and scarves
-My birthday!!
-And the best thing, the cooler weather! Granted, it's still hot as hades down here, but at least it doesn't feel like we live in the devil's armpit anymore!

So tell me, what excites you the most about fall finally being here?


brandy-son Zen master flash said...

OMG, that little cowboy - be still my heart! They are so cute!

Ashleigh said...

you have a cute blog, but where is your boob tube babble? i came from that linkup to comment!

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