Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day One

Um, I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks. How is that possible!? It seems like I just blogged yesterday! Apparently raising a toddler, working part-time, and painting, packing, and showing your house take up a lot of time. But! We will be moved in 10 days. Just one and a half more weeks, and we'll be in our new house! And then I'll breathe a sigh of relief.... but then I'll have to unpack. Shoot.

Anyway, I figured I'd drop in today because the oh-so-fabulous Amber and Neely are hosting a two week fall blog challenge, and I had to join in!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Today's topic is Fall Traditions.

We only have two fall traditions.

Our first one is decorating. We go all out on our fall decorations. We put out the fall themed things September 1st, and then put out our Halloween decor on October 1st. I fill my house with pumpkin smelling candles and bake all kinds of pumpkin flavored goodies. My favorite is my mom's pumpkin delight pie. It's the shizzy, y'all.

Our second tradition is heading out to the pumpkin patch to pick up a bunch of pumpkins and gourds. This is by far one of my favorite traditions. It's up there with picking out our Christmas tree.

We took Baby Butterbean for the first time last year, and she loved it!

That is, after she got used to the pumpkins that were bigger than her!

Picking out her own pumpkin.

She picked out the little yellow one next to her, and wouldn't put it down!

How about this one?

Taste testing.


There's also a petting zoo, which she went absolutely nuts for, and a hay ride that takes you around the farm. We love going to the pumpkin patch.

So tell me, do y'all have any fall traditions?


Laura Wilkerson said...

ok she's too cute! So you have to do the same pumpkin pose each year...especially the taste testing one...that's the best :)
Sounds like uv been busy lately, hope things get settled down a bit! Have a great week

Ms. Salti said...

Hola chica! Long time no see! I love this idea for the blog prompts. I may just have to join in. I don't really have any traditions I can think of off the top of my head. Guess I'll have to come up with some! Ooh, maybe Oktoberfest? I dunno. I'm all drugged up so I'll get back to ya!

Also, the BF is now officially working in Midland (well, Stanton, but living in Midland) so I'll be making a few trips to TX in the near future. I know you said you're closer to Loosiana, but, you never know, maybe we can meet someday!

Meg O. said...

How cute!!! I can't wait to take my little girl to a pumpkin patch!

Christina said...

Oh I love all the photos! Too cute!
Our family's fall tradition is going to the local pumpkin patch and letting the girls pick out their own pumpkins. And then we decorate them at home and I roast the pumpkin seeds.


Neely said...

What a cutie pie! Thanks for linking up!

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