Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Studly Wish List

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! I had this post scheduled for earlier today, but Blogger decided to delete it, so I'm having to start all over.
Today, I'm enlisting your help. I'm going to finish my Christmas shopping this weekend, and seeing as how I've bought absolutely nothing for The Hubs, I should probably get on that.

Now, his style is more along the lines of Casual Chic. Which means he normally wears polo shirts and jeans, which I'm cool with, but I'm thinking he needs more than just striped Ralph Lauren pull-overs, ya know? He needs more swagger, but not too much. Think a casual Jake Gyllenhaal. (See, I told you yesterday that these posts were related!)

Kind of like this:

Or this:

Yup, that's exactly the look I'm going for.

So, here's what I'm thinking,

Dark jeans are a must.

A button down with the sleeves rolled up.

A simple, yet sophisticated jacket.

He's a die hard Longhorn fan, so this is perfect.

A good cologne tops it all off.

He already has a killer pair of shades and the perfect boots to tie it all in.

So, what am I missing? Will my man be perfectly stylish in these, or am I waaaay off base? Help me!!! Please?



Vee said...

I'm amused with my sorry self for even responding...I'm here from Leah's Giving Thanks Challenge and you have a great list! Well, let's see, I think he'll look great. And you probably know more about what the current trends are and what would look good on him so I think he'll be blessed that you are looking out for him and his fashion sense. Of course, your readers will want to see photos after Christmas. Have a merry one!

Melissa said...

I think that outfit looks great!

I can't believe there's a cologne called "Very Sexy".. weird..

Neely said...

Jake is a hottie! Good clothing choices!

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