Friday, February 10, 2012

Amber from Glitter & Dirt

One of the girls that inspired me to do the button swap thing was Amber. She had the same idea as I did, so we jumped on the bandwagon together and traded blog buttons right away. Let me tell y'all that I absolutely adore this girl! She's funny and oh, so very sweet. Plus, she's a fellow twitter addict, and she introduced me to mark., which I'm kind of digging.
Hi y’all! I’m Amber!
I blog over and Glitter and Dirt.

I’m the Glitter and my son’s the Dirt. I know, so nice of me right? It’s more like I love all things sparkly (diamonds, hot “I just broke asweat” men and 4th of July sparklers) and my kiddo, CJ (or otherwise affectionately known as goob or child), loves all things dirt. Unless it’s onit’s hands, then he must wash them ASAP!
I blog about random things like the crazy things my son says to me that makes me laugh at inappropriate times, bad dates, good dates and even why I’m holding undies that say “trouble”.
I also like to voice my opinion about things that many people may not care for, like my idea of paying forward.
But it was my idea of paying it forward that landed me heretoday! Thanks J!
Anyway, I'm a marketing genius in training. You can read that as I'm a student and I'm hoping to one day graduate and become a marketing guru that everyone will be like "we need her". I'm also a mark. Girl. No, mark. is not my boyfriend (I found myself single on Wednesday afternoon, ya know, just in time for Valentine's Day), but mark. is my job. Rather like, mark. feeds into my shopping addiction. I get to play with makeup and help others find their go to makeup pieces. Really, it's more like I get to play dress up rather than work!
Anyway, I hope you all take a second to read through the pay it forward post and stop by to say hi!



Meg O. said...

I'll have to go check her out!

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