Friday, February 17, 2012

Kendra from Silkybowties

I met Kenj on twitters, and immediately fell in love. This girl is just too adorable. I love her blog, and I was so excited when she said she'd like to do the button swap with me! So, here for your reading pleasure, is Kendra!


I just want to start off by thanking the lovely J for allowing me to ramble here for a bit.
How are you all?!
My name is can call me Kenj.

I am the owner of the wonderful place called Silkybowties.
I am all over the place. Not so literally though. I can not name one thing that I generally blog about. Most of the time it's fitness, family, or something fun I've done. 
I guess you could just call it the 3 f's.
I am a college student studying sociology and hoping to go to graduate school for social work. I had a troubled past and I just want to help other people. I would drop anything to help someone in need.
I am also a independent Beachbody Coach.

You know p90x, Insanity, or Turbofire? Yeah, well that's the company I work for. It is beyond I've lost 40lbs since October! What's not to love?
I am super close to my mom and brother. We are a little wolf pack.

My brother is 3 years older than me and is one of the biggest role models in my life. You will always here me talking about him and my mom.

Usually it'll be a story and you may think I would be with friends, but rather I am with my mom and brother. I tend to hang out with them more than my friends.
I also have the cutest puppy in the world.

You can call her Poopsy. Don't worry, she doesn't mind. She is a french bulldog, please don't call her a pug (she's sensitive) She is just a year and a half old now and will always be a puppy in my eyes. (How old does a dog have to be to not be considered a puppy anymore anyway.) She is my baby. I do take her to get professional pictures while I torture her and make her sit in a tub just to achieve the cutest pictures ever!
I now work at a hair salon and it is such a fun job.

It was hard for the first week, but now it's just plain fun. The stylists are a blast to be around and I actually look forward to coming to
Some of my favorite posts I've written are on drugs and alcohol, where I take a stand and let the world know how I feel..being a 20 yr old (I was 19 at the time) This quite possibly may be my favorite post ever. My most viewed post is on Quotes, I should post more on quotes. I love a good quote now and then. This is just some of my fitness chatter. I am also obsessed with Christina Aguilera. Come check out all my other posts though. Let's be friends! Twitter Facebook Silkybowties



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