Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Funday Not So Much

Y'all? I cannot get my act together. I've been saying I was going to wrap up my February Photo a Day Challenge photos for like, a month now, and I still haven't done it. They're coming your way soon, I swear. I even started the March challenge, but haven't posted any yet. I've also fallen behind on my Saturday Sensationals, and haven't responded to any comments. Jeeze, J, get on the ball! (BTW, if you've commented lately, and I haven't answered, I swear I'm not a jerk! I love each and every one of my comments, but most of the time I read the comment when it dings on my phone, and I forget to respond. I'm so sorry, don't leave hate me!)

Anyprocrastination, it's been a lazy day around here today, primarily because M is sick. I hate it when she feels bad, obviously, but it's kind of sweet because she's a big ol' ball of cuddles when she doesn't feel well. Momma's baby, FTW!

So, when I wasn't cuddling a sick toddler, I was cleaning house doing laundry perusing the interwebs. Because that's obviously the responsible, adult thing to do, right? Right. Anywhoodles, I probably should have been at least doing something productive, like filing my taxes, but instead I was online window shopping!! Wanna see what I'm lusting after? Of course you do!! First up, there's clothes. Now, it's rodeo time here in my part of Texas, so my brain has been on all things western.


I'm thinking either one of these with a big belt, to die for boots, and lots of blingy jewelry.

I also found this, which I absolutely love. Paired with black dress capris and shrug, it's a perfect outfit for me to wear to church or work.
Source: via J on Pinterest

And, obviously, I absolutely need this. Obviously.

In sticking with all things Texan/Western/Southern/Adorable, I also found these bad boys, which will be mine, very, very, very soon.

Source: via J on Pinterest

Source: via J on Pinterest

Source: via J on Pinterest

I also fell in love with this little pretties, but sadly, they aren't available anymore.

I swear, my sweets, I will find you soon. If it's the last thing I do, I will find you.

Hope all of you had fabulous weekends and even better Mondays! (Gigglesnort)



Brittany said...

I'll take the hey ya'll sign please :)

I'll take a keep calm and love the south sign please!

B said...

I have, have, have to have that Y'all t-shirt. (How many times can you use the world have in one sentence?...)

LWLH said...

I sometimes wish I said Ya'll so I could buy cute things like this.

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