Monday, April 30, 2012

Linky Love

Yesterday, my girl LW featured some of her favorite posts that her sponsors have been writing this month, and I loved it so much, I stole it. Man, it feels good to be gangsta.

Anywhoodles, you know I love my swapper girls, and I think they're absolutely fabulous, so I know you'll dig these too. To quote LW, "sharing is caring", so here ya go!

{This was also stolen from the lovely LW. I dig it, so I made it mine. She got it here}

The lovely Courtney wrote about her love story with her boyfriend R, she shared why she isn't on facebook any longer, and she posted one of my new favorite mantras.

Ray wrote an amazing post about bullying, shared updates on her adorable son Jay, and asked what's going on with everyone getting pregnant with baby #2.

The fabulous Kenj shared her latest adventures with kickboxing, her odd encounter with a homeless man, and (my favorite!) wrote some letters.

My girl Amber dropped the ball and only posted twice in April. But I still love her.

My newest sponsor (whom I love!), English, did the accent vlog challenge, posted some ahhhh-mazing photos, and wrote about her girls weekend in Garmisch, Germany.

Rachel announced what she's having, unveiled a New Mommy Blog Swap, and bragged about her vacation to Hawaii.

LW showed us the great job she did on her sister's baby shower, shared the evolution of Little Woman, Little Home, and wrote about her inspiration to be healthy again (which I loved!).

The classy, yet country Melonie shared some amazing iPhone photos, wrote about her emotions, and her very eventful Easter weekend.

Josie posted about some traumatic (but funny) events, showed us adorable photos of her daughter, Sophia, and gave us an 18 month update.

Mrs. K. went swinging, shared some drawings, and wrote about one of my favorite things, southern nights.

And last but certainly not least, Tiffany got artsy, played Fill in the Blank Friday, and made a bet.

And that's it! I can't wait to see what these girls come up with next month!



Amber Watson said...

Ummm yeah, I majorly dropped the ball Haha

I have a post scheduled for tomorrow-does that count?? Haha

Love you girl! Thanks for the love-ish LOL

Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

This is so cool!

English Anderson said...

Thank you for the mention! Love being a part of your blog :). Can't wait til I can return the favor with a guest post!!!


Rachel said...

oooh this is so nice! thanks for posting about me! (sorry I didnt comment before- I was at a wedding all weekend and didnt get back in town until Monday night!)

LWLH said...

Thanks for the shout out love...and it truly does feel good to be a love ya girl

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