Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pink Peep Martinis with Tiffany

Y'all are in for an extra special treat today, Tiffany from Blabbering Thoughts is guest posting for me!! (And I'm over at her place, so come check me out!) I simply adore this girl! She's just so cute and funny, so I know you'll love her too! Plus, she writes about alcohol a lot, which means she has a special place in my heart! So, without further adieu, here's Tiffany! 

I spent a lot of time contemplating what I really wanted to write this post about, truly this is my first guest post.. Sure I've wrote introductions about myself & blog but now I get to blog about whatever I please because J is so incredibly awesome {{like you didn't already know that}}.

First off, I am Tiffany.. I blog over at Blabbering Thoughts. You got my introduction on Monday so I won't bore you with that.

I now know what I am going to write about.. This is something I blog about every week.. Martinis. Yes that's right, I said it.. Martinis. I am not an alcoholic, I have 2 kids, ages 2 years & 9 months.. No time for that silliness BUT we get together every week with our "Fresno fam".. There are 5 of us.. Stragglers that were brought together because we have no family here. But I love them, DUH. So when we get together we cook up a fabulous dinner.. Well Ashley, the super cook, does that & we fill in the blanks. Well the boys will be boys & drink their beer or Manhattans, us girls.. We drink a martini or 2. Each week we give a new martini a shot.. Of course we find them on Pinterest. So this last week we all know that it was Easter, so we had a "peep martini".. I am sure you saw that floating around Pinterest.

Neither one of us are too fond of peeps, but my daughter sure was. The peep was more for decor. Overall it was pretty bomb {{as in good, legit.. yeah I am trying to be younger than what I really am}}, a bit bitter but the icing & sprinkles definitely helped with the bite. 
Click here for the printable recipe

Oh & on a side note, I got my hair cut this past week.. Well I got a trim & added bangs back into my life.

This post is the complete example of my blog's title.. I go on & on about the most random things. Duh, I keep it saucy that way!

Now, I am not begging you to come read my blog.. Okay I am. Juuust kidding, sorta. Hope to see you there!

I tweet too if you care :)



LWLH said...

Never heard of this but may have to try it. :)

B said...

These look fabulous! Thanks for sharing!!!

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